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Black Beard Pirate Cutlass Sword Replica

Trademark Global 38 Inch Antiqued Caribbean Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Black Beard Pirate Cutlass SwordTime for pirates out there to get serious, because here's a decent cutlass for you at last. Trademark Global raised its own standards with the Black Beard Pirate Sword.

This 38-inch cutlass features bronzed steel fittings and an antiqued high carbon stainless steel blade -- no shiny department-store look in this one. In fact, it looks like it may have seen a little use already. Ornamentation is simple and doesn't look out of place. The handguard is the most decorative part of the sword, created with a turned and forged look appropriate to the sword's history, and the scabbard is embellished with the very important skull and crossbones.

The sword's rat-tail tang handle is secured in place with a turned metal pommel. The grip of non-slip wire wrap keeps the sword firmly in hand even when the weather turns a little bloody. The tapered blade has a crude look that fits the weapon well, since many of the cutlasses of the day were ground down from heavier blades after years of hard use and reworking.

The Black Beard Pirate Sword is costume or display quality, but it has a more authentic look and functional feel than many other fanciful blades. If you're not careful, this one may pull you too deeply into the spirit of the occasion. You'll need to provide your own parrot and eye patch, but this is all the cutlass you'll need.

See the Pirate Cutlass with basket hilt for another classic choice in the Caribbean pirate tradition.

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