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Pirate Cutlass Sword

Skull and Crossbones | Pirate Costume

Posted by Ken

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Pirate Cutlass Sword So you've decided to be a pirate. You got a parrot? Check. Tri-corner hat? Check. Jolly Roger flag? Check. Seems like you're almost set - all you need now is a cutlass. The cutlass is a well-documented weapon of pirates. This shorter sword blade was very effective for the close quarters of naval combat, and over time became an intimidation method all its own. A pirate captain, when demanding surrender of a soon-to-be-captured ship, would merely unsheathe his cutlass - a sign of impending aggression - and the white flags would come out.

So, the cutlass is a must have if you're going to be a pirate, and this cutlass is a pretty decent example. Perhaps not the best blade to take into a heated battle, but a cutlass is mostly for show in these days of pirating anyway. The stainless steel blade is straight, rather than slightly curved as some cutlasses can be, and balanced nicely with the solid steel wraparound basket guard. The real attraction to this pirate cutlass is its decorative attributes. The detail of the basket intricately depicts a galley with all sheets to the wind, while the scabbard throat shows a menacing skull and crossbones.

If you collect pirate stuff, this cutlass would be an awesome addition to your booty. Do I recommend picking one up? Aye, matey.

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