R.H. Forschner Victorinox Slicer Knife | 12″ High-Carbon Stainless Steel Granton Edge

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R.H. Forschner Victorinox Slicer KnifeR.H. Forschner is a cutlery division of the Swiss Army Brands, Inc., which is basically the umbrella company for everything with the Victorinox name, and this is their 12-inch, high-carbon stainless steel Slicer. Like other Victorinox products, this knife is hand finished in Switzerland.

Ideally, this knife would be used to slice meats, but works fine for cheeses, veggies, bread, etc. The edge you see here is called a granton – also known as a kullenschiff edge, these are the semicircular scallops on the blade which run vertically from the edge to blade’s midpoint and alternate on either side of blade. Originally conceived in 1928, the design was intended to allow thin, even cuts while reducing tears and shreds in whatever is being cut. It’s a specially tempered edge which can be sharpened over and over to increase the lifespan of the knife. Also, the high-carbon percentage of the steel helps to maintain a sharp edge and prevent discoloring or staining of the blade. In terms of size, the blade is wide enough to provide stability and control, while also flexible enough to allow an agile slicing technique.

The handle is an ergonomic sure-grip design for comfort, wrist support, and to ensure that slippery conditions won’t become a problem. Just in case, a finger guard is in place to prevent any accidental mishaps. At the same time, the materials and construction of the handle details allow an easy cleanup and minimize crevices that would host bacteria.

Forschner has a great reputation for making some of the best budget knives around and this knife is no exception. See our Guide to Kitchen Knives for more on that.

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