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Electric Scissors & Knife Sharpener by Smith Abrasives

Diamond Edge Pro European Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Electric Scissors & Knife Sharpener byThe Diamond Edge Pro knife and scissors sharpener from Smith Abrasives combines electric and manual sharpening systems for quick and accurate refurbishing of knives with standard European-style edge bevels. The machine also includes a manual hone for kitchen shears.

Two converging industrial diamond grinding wheels rapidly grind both sides of the knife edge on one pass through the machine. That quickly converts an acute Asian knife edge to the wider European bevel style, so make sure your knife matches the machine before use. The first few uses of the diamond wheels work much faster than normal, since much of that first cutting comes from bits of diamond set slightly above the average surface of the wheel. As those diamonds wear away, the wheels cut more slowly but do much finer work. The Diamond Edge Pro creates an accurate hollow ground cutting edge designed for the best combination of edge retention and fast accurate slicing. Two speeds allow full control of the sharpening process without overheating the knife steel.

Two manual sharpening slots extend the machine's range. One holds carbide cutting blades used to quickly reshape a badly worn knife edge. The other slot allows final honing of the hollow ground edge with fine ceramic honing stones. Purists will still run the knife over a fine benchstone just to be sure, but used properly, the Diamond Edge Pro does give a good working edge straight from the machine.

The scissors-sharpening feature of the machine is much less impressive. A tab at the end of the sharpener pulls out the scissors hone and locks it in place. Slip both blades of the shears through the slots and close lightly before pulling the shears back out across the honing rods. The spring-mounted ceramic rods should adjust automatically to match the bevel of the scissors blades. After a few uses, the rods wear slightly and lose their original accuracy.

See the Chef's Choice Commercial Knife Sharpener for a professional sharpening system designed only for knives.

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