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Fiskars Scissors Sharpener

Shears & Scissor Blade Restoring Tool

Posted by JT Hats

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Fiskars Scissors Sharpener You've probably accumulated quite a few pairs of inexpensive scissors that are too good to throw away but not sharp enough to work well. You could buy more, or you could get the Fiskars Scissors Sharpener instead. This simple sharpener quickly restores the cutting edges of many standard scissor blades.

The Fiskars works best on Fiskars scissors, but other plain-edged shears ground with a 30-degree edge bevel also fit the machine. The sharpener does not work with very short blades like manicurist's scissors and will not sharpen curved or serrated blades. For high-end barber's scissors and valuable "family heirloom" shears, see a professional sharpening service for maintenance. For that drawer full of bargain scissors that worked well for a while, the Fiskars is a good match.

Two slots accept both blades at once. Light hand pressure closes the blades on honing rods permanently fixed in the sharpener's housing. Drawing the blades back over the rods resets the blade edges to perfect 30-degree angles and puts the scissors quickly back in working order. The Fiskars gives the best results on blades which have been dulled but not badly damaged. The machine hones dulled edges easily, but grinding a new surface on a nicked and worn pair of blades could be more than this sharpener can handle.

The sharpener restores both left- and right-handed scissors blades. Support the lightweight housing with one hand during use and rest the sharpener's base on a sturdy countertop to prevent chattering. A straight pull and a light touch should finish the edges properly with only a few strokes through the machine.

See the Chef's Choice 500 for a more exacting scissors sharpening system.

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