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ScissorPro Scissor Sharpener by Chef’s Choice

Professional Shears Diamond Hone 500

Posted by JT Hats

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ScissorPro Scissor Sharpener by Chef'sSharpening a pair of kitchen shears seems like an easy enough task, but if you've tried to do that by hand, you soon understand why professionals charge around $15 for the service. With the Chef's Choice 500 ScissorPro, you can get professional results at home over and over, restoring even the good scissors that some well-meaning person used for cutting wire.

The Chef's Choice 500 ScissorPro sharpens both regular and knife-edge shears. Simple adjustments shift the guides to sharpen either type. The coarse grinding wheel uses long-lasting industrial diamond grit to quickly shape battered scissor blades, removing nicks and squaring cutting edges perfectly. A fine diamond grit wheel hones the edge razor sharp. The guides accept scissors in either left or right-handed styles, and sharpen either type without disassembly. The blade guides use a combination of magnetic clamps and spring tension to hold the scissors as you draw the blades steadily through the machine. Practice on a cheap pair of scissors before you get out your best, because holding the scissors properly takes a few strokes to get right. Once you've fixed the cheap, paper scissors, you can confidently go on to embroidery scissors, poultry shears, and fly-tying scissors. Keep the blades moving across the wheels and apply only light pressure. Diamond grinding wheels cut quickly without overheating or clogging.

The ScissorPro works only on straight, plain-edged blades, so it won't help with curved manicure scissors or pinking shears. If you own a pair of shears with one serrated edge and one plain edge, you can sharpen the plain edge and greatly improve the cutting performance. The double-beveled edge the ScissorPro creates makes an ordinary pair of scissors outlast a pair with an ordinary grind.

The ScissorPro only sharpens scissors, but Chef's Choice makes many other sharpening systems designed for kitchen knives -- including the Chef's Choice 100W, a sharpener built for the home chef.

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