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Kuhn Rikon Colori Steak Knife Set

4 Piece Non-Stick

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Kuhn Rikon Colori Steak Knife Set Kuhn Rikon is a maker of cookware and cooks' tools. This Swiss company has been producing kitchen items for the past 70 years. This set of four steak knives was designed by chef and knife maker Philipp Beyeler, winner of numerous design awards, including the Grand Prix de l'Art de Vivre in Paris for this Colori design.

The blades of these Colori steak knives are carbon steel, super sharp, serrated, and non-stick coated. These blades cut through all types of meat with ease and whatever you slice comes right off the blade. The name Colori comes from the fact that each knife is a different color, with matching non-stick coating and plastic blade covers.

The plastic blade covers keep the edges safe from dulling during storage, and the included plastic case helps ensure your set remains intact, easy to locate, and portable. The colors in this steak knife set are black, blue, red, and purple. Other sets in the Colori line, like the Chefs' knives, bread knives, paring knives II, utility knives, and flexi knife match these same colors.

The design has kept ergonomic comfort in mind, reducing fatigue from extended use - which will be nice if you tend to eat a lot of meat. Overall, these Kuhn Rikon Colori knives are a good quality, though obviously not top-shelf, but at the price linked below they are quite a deal.

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