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Black Dragon Fantasy Spear for Display

High Carbon Stainless Steel Black Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Black Dragon Fantasy Spear for Display Slightly over six feet long, this fantasy weapon doesn't exactly match traditional patterns -- but if your traditions include comic books and anime, you'll find the Black Dragon Spear familiar.

The black steel spearhead catches the eye immediately and includes some extra cutting edges that hint at old halberd designs, combining the chopping blades of a light battleaxe with the piercing point of the spear. The shape is obviously stamped, not forged, and that does detract a little from the look of the 13-3/4-inch high carbon stainless steel spearhead. Edges are ground accurately and enough fine detail is included that the result is a balanced and symmetrical design that looks like it might actually transfer to a combat model.

The two-piece shaft limits what testing owners might do. The two parts of the black aluminum shaft fit together by threading onto a cast metal insert. Although it looks good when properly aligned, the aluminum threads could strip if over-tightened or cross-threaded, so be careful when putting the spear together for display. The spiked pommel and the spear head itself should fit permanently into the halves of the shaft, but neither fitting was made for rough use.

Apart from the shape of the weapon, there's little decoration on this spear except for the cast metal dragon emblem bonded to the throat of the shaft. The spear seems quite realistic if you've spent much time in the virtual worlds of gaming and will make a nice addition to your collector's wall.

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