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Trident Fantasy Battle Spear w/ Hidden Lance

Demon Guardian Display Polearms Weapon

Posted by JT Hats

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Trident Fantasy Battle Spear w/ HiddenThe Demon Guardian offers two weapons in this display version of a uniquel battlefield trident. Leave it in one piece as the trident, or unsheath the hidden lance for dual weapon action.

With cast metal fittings and black aluminum shafts, the Demon Guardian Trident Spear makes a much better collectible than martial arts weapon. Long weapons are one of the most difficult ancient styles to recreate properly. This one solves the modern problem of limits on shipping length by building the shaft in two pieces which fit snugly together. Instead of simply joining the shaft, the makers put the junction to use. The top section becomes the sheath for a 22-1/2-inch-long lance blade of polished high carbon stainless steel. In the trident form with both sections fitted together, the sheathed blade provides some extra support for the shaft as well.

On display, the trident looks most impressive as a single long weapon. Three tines cut from 420 high carbon stainless steel display beveled cutting edges and double barbs. A cast metal fitting joins the one-piece steel blade to the shaft and provides some appropriate decoration with a grinning bat-winged skull design. Total length of the trident from central point to cast metal pommel is 60-3/4 inches.

Tridents probably began as fishing spears designed to increase the chances of skewering a fast fish and built to hold anything the barbs pierced. In China, many old battlefield weapons also took inspiration from common farm tools like pitchforks. That made the transition from peasant to soldier less difficult, since the same basic movements could apply to either trade. Sometimes called Tiger Forks, the military trident aided travelers by preventing attacking beasts from getting close enough to do damage.

See the Tiger Fork Trident Spear for a martial arts training version of the Chinese military trident.

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