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Tiger Fork Trident Spear

Martial Arts Training Weapon | Spring Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Tiger Fork Trident Spear In the ancient world the threat of attacks by tigers, lions and other large predators was very real. Weapons -- including the Tiger Fork Trident -- evolved to fit the challenge. Once classed as a heavy weapon, the lethal points of the trident could intercept and hold an attacking beast, keeping the wary traveler out of range of its claws and teeth.

This lighter Wushu version of the Tiger Fork Trident shows the same lethal concepts but in a streamlined build better suited to athletic demonstrations. Chrome plated high carbon spring steel tines fit to a strong metal shaft tipped with a chrome steel pommel. The red tassel at the base of the fork was a common feature on old weapons, providing some visual distraction and guiding blood away from the shaft and grip.

The Tiger Fork saw its origins in the fisherman's trident spear and even in the farmer's pitchfork, neither of which was designed for combat. Even so, this light Wushu version -- 88 inches long and three pounds in weight -- can't be considered a toy. The tines of this Tiger Fork will do real damage. Use some common sense when loading this trident in the van or the car -- the nylon carrying case won't hold back the points for long.

Many of the old mainstay weapons resembled farm tools for very efficient reasons. Adapting familiar implements to combat gave indentured soldiers a huge training advantage based more on simple movements and physical strength than on acrobatics. Though the Tiger Fork impresses modern onlookers as an unusual weapon, in its day the trident made perfect practical sense.

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