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Klingon Batleth, Star Trek Weapon Of Kahless

Traditional Bat’leth Fantasy Sword 48 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Klingon Batleth, Star Trek Weapon OfThe modern Bat'leth simplifies the ornate Sword of Kahless, the legendary Klingon hero who forged the first Bat'leth from a lock of his own hair dipped in lava. Or, if you don't believe in legends, the Bat'leth was created by martial arts expert Dan Curry who designed the Klingon battle weapon for Paramount Studios.

For either reality, this massive four-foot-long blade of high carbon stainless steel definitely satisfies the Klingon craving for sharp steel. Three padded and leather-wrapped hand grips allow a bewildering array of stances and applications. Loosely based upon old Asian weapons like the deer antler knives of hsing yi, the bat'leth could become the basis of a real martial art. Don't regard this one as a toy.

According to the Klingon Imperial Weapons Guild, the four principles embodied by this bat'leth and other traditional Klingon weapons are simplicity, strength, power, and danger. The one-piece steel construction certainly provides simplicity and strength, and the weapon's tricky balance and multiple points add genuine danger even if you're just trying to get the feel of this unusual sword. It's probably wise to hold back on the power.

For costume applications or display, this Bat'leth shows accurate design and details, although at 48 inches from point to point, it's larger than the average Klingon swords -- which are individually fitted and usually measure about 39 inches across. Some fans of the Star Trek saga prefer titanium for faster action and lighter weight, but this more affordable high carbon stainless steel version feels even more lethal.

See the Deer Antler Knives for an inexpensive training version of the weapon which probably really did inspire the Klingon Bat'leth.

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