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Epicurean Cutting Board w/ Groove, Composite

Eco Friendly Cascade Gourmet Series

Posted by JT Hats

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Epicurean Cutting Board w/ Groove,If you thought bamboo cutting boards were "green technology," you'll be even more impressed by the cutting boards of the Epicurean Gourmet Series. Epicurean uses recycled and scrap materials to create cutting boards and utensils even better than those made from strictly natural components.

Looking for a natural cutting board that's dishwasher safe? Stop looking, you won't find one. But, the Epicurean Gourmet cutting board comes very close, combining natural fibers with epoxy resin for a classic look that goes in and out of the machine without damage.

The non-porous surface of Epicurean boards won't harbor bacteria -- a claim verified by the National Sanitary Foundation. Epicurean claims these boards also won't dull the edges of knives as quickly as poly or wood, but you'll have to verify that through actual use. Lighter in weight than wooden cutting boards, the Epicurean Gourmet series features a slate-grey core layer sandwiched between two surface layers with a look of natural wood. These board also include a black juice groove cut 3/8 inches deep in one side for serving, and on the reverse, a completely flat side for prep.

Originally, what went into Epicurean cutting boards were the wood scraps left over from construction of skateboard parks. Chipped and combined with food-safe epoxy resin, the waste wood made cutting boards with what Epicurean claims to be the best cutting surface available today. As demand increased and the supply of leftover bits of skateboard parks ran low, Epicurean turned to pulp wood and other sustainable natural fibers for backup raw material.

For a beautiful "green technology" cutting board with a more natural look, see the Terre Verde Bamboo Cutting Board.

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