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Deer Antler Knives Set of 2

Kung Fu Crescent Moon Training Blades

Posted by JT Hats

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Deer Antler Knives Set of 2 Strictly for practice, the two Deer Antler knives in this set feature rounded tips and dulled edges designed to reduce the number of self-inflicted injuries in training. Even with chrome plated steel, the Deer Antler or Crescent Moon blades can be dangerous. This training set measures fourteen inches across and will feel unwieldy rather than balanced and efficient. The curved steel handles wrapped with cloth tape do not offer a secure grip. Typical sets of Deer Horn knives weigh about three pounds -- that much weight in an unbalanced form makes the weapons difficult to control.

If someone insists on learning this old weapon, a less lethal variety certainly is the safest place to start, so don't skip this set in favor of a fully functional pair of combat-quality crescent moon blades with four sharp talons each and scything edges. People have to live through training. This is an unusual weapon and not one to learn without expert guidance. The intention of this old system was to provide protection from multiple armed attackers -- many movements involved trapping and disarming those who attacked with swords, spears, and other standard weapons. For most of us today, that's hard to even visualize.

But, looking at the weapons themselves and a short video of some training movements, it quickly becomes clear that even an unskilled player could be a serious danger to themselves and their surroundings with these knives in hand. There are simpler places to start in kung fu than with these Deer Antler knives. If you find them irresistible, be sure not to sharpen them. There's no way the cloth carrying case could survive a trip to the dojo with sharpened versions of these complex blades stashed inside.

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