Bleach Sword | Plum Tree Soul Reaper Anime Replica Katana | Fantasy Japanese Blade

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Bleach Sword This model of a replica sword from the hit anime show Bleach can be found in two different styles. We’ve seen one version with a leather-wrapped handle, but it’s not as common. You’ll find this one more often. It has a beautiful burgundy cord wrap around the handle as well as a couple extra inches in length.

But searching for this particular sword can turn out to be a little difficult! You’ll see it listed as many different things, for instance: plum tree sword, Hinamori Momo katana, Soul Reaper sword, burgundy anime katana — see what we mean? And that’s just a sampling.

Hinamori Momo wields this sword in the series. It’s often called by its zanpakuto name Tobiume, which translates “Flying Plum Tree.” Hinamori uses this sword to channel bursts of energy and lethal orbs against her foes, hence the red hue.

The sword’s blade measures 26.75 inches in length. It’s made from 420 stainless steel and is factory sharpened with visible machine folds along the edge.

The wooden handle is wrapped in deep burgundy cord in traditional samurai fashion. Atop and beneath the handle are a solid brass tsuba and pommel. This type of tsuba (guard) is extremely rare to find since it’s shaped like a hexagon. Most tsubas are round, and you’ll find some that are square, but you’ll have a hard time finding polygonal.

The Plum Tree also comes with a black wooden scabbard secured with a red cord the same color as the handle. Its visible quality and color coordination will make it a nice display sword.

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