Traditional Viking Replica Sword, Scabbard | Stainless Steel Medieval Weapon

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Traditional Viking Replica Sword,As far as Viking swords go, this model by Windlass Steelcrafts is slightly more ornamented for decoration than others we’ve seen. The Vikings weren’t really known for their ornate weaponry, rather their functional and durably crafted blades. But as Europeans transitioned from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, ancient sword smiths started adapting the arts to their craft.

The traditional elements of a Viking sword are still in place here, though. The blade is straight and long, with a noticeable taper trailing down to the sharpened spear point tip. The wideness of the blade near the guard allowed for much better balance and control when wielding in battle. Additionally, it features a thick blood groove and fuller that stretches well past halfway down the center of the blade.

It’s made from high carbon stainless steel, nicely polished for display, and measures 38.5 inches in overall length. The blade alone measures 32.5 inches and is completely protected in the included scabbard.

Take a look at the handle and you might be able to see some of the artistic changes that show how swordsmanship continued to evolve in Nordic cultures. The angled guard has been thinned and lengthened, curving downwards instead of protruding straight from the handle. And instead of a basic round pommel, a shell-like design crafted from stainless steel rests atop a handle secured with gold-colored metal fittings.

Quite a fancy Viking replica, wouldn’t you agree? However, if you’re looking for something more traditional as far as Nordic weaponry goes, try this high-quality from Cold Steel.

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