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Bowie Knife w/ Stag Antler Handle

Damascus Laminated Steel, Heavy Filework

Posted by JT Hats

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Bowie Knife w/ Stag Antler Handle This very nice Damascus Bowie Knife has a traditional rustic build combined with fine filework on the spine of the laminated Damascus steel blade. It shows the beauty and unique flaws of natural materials and simple methods along with very modern refinements. The brass finger guard and colorful spacers -- alternating composite layers with metal -- add a contemporary design touch and make it look like a custom build. The balancing part of the look is the crude bolster, a flat brass spacer hammered to fit the butt of the antler.

If I hadn't seen way too many Damascus steel knives lately, I'd be much more impressed -- but obviously someone is responding to the market and supplying laminated steel stock to anyone who wants to step in and make a profit. That brings knives like this one into a price range more of us can afford, but it also does some damage to the collectability of Damascus blades. Rather than collect this one, just look at it as a good and extra heavy Bowie knife. The full length is 13-1/2 inches, and the weight is about 13 ounces. Natural stag antler in the handle will cause exact specs to wander a bit.

The knife's eight-inch blade is very similar in shape to the first knife designed by Colonel Jim Bowie. Later designs favored the ideas of James Black, the man who actually made the Bowie knives that set the trend. This Bowie shows the butcher knife characteristics of the original concept.

With the accompanying stitched leather belt sheath, this is a good hunting knife anyone should be proud to own, and it's enough of a bargain that somebody may actually test whether Damascus steel as it's made today is really better.

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