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Shark Ryoba Hand Saw, Spring Steel

Trim & Detail Double Edge 10-2205

Posted by JT Hats

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Shark Ryoba Hand Saw, Spring Steel Shark's Trim/Detail Ryoba combines a thin double edged spring steel blade with an old handle design that's not so great. The 19 tpi ripping edge and the 24 tpi crosscut edge otherwise would be a perfect combination for dovetailing and other tricky feats of joinery.

With a finer tpi count than Shark's Fine Cut Saw, the smaller Shark Trim/Detail Ryoba is designed for more intricate work. Cutting on the pull stroke allows the blade to work without flexing or binding. The kerf is almost paper thin, and the end grain of a piece cut to size with this saw shows none of the roughness or tearing left behind by a standard saw. If you're used to European handsaws, this Japanese handsaw will amaze you with its accuracy and speed.

Shark's newer designs feature a push-button locking system and a stronger handle. This older model uses a twist-lock mechanism that sometimes fails to secure the blade properly. Always check it before use and watch for any signs of slipping. In spite of the problem with the handle, many owners love the way it cuts and figure out ways to keep it together. While that speaks well of the saw, it's a problem that isn't necessary. Shark modified the design, and later versions work as intended.

The Shark Trim/Detail Saw is still a good tool, and even the lightly-built handle should hold up well enough if used properly. Most of us are accustomed to putting a lot of sweat into handsaw work, but only an easy pull is required with this type of saw. Slip back to your old habits of sweat and strain, and you'll soon need a better handle.

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