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Jamb Saw Roberts 10-46

Carbide Blade & Storage Case 120VAC 17076

Posted by Sharon

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Jamb Saw Roberts 10-46 This mid-sized jamb saw from Roberts handles flush cuts up to 1-3/4-inch deep with full access, and up to 1/2-inch deep in corners. The Roberts 10-46 Jamb Saw also packs enough power for professional work into a light and easy to handle design.

The saw's 5.8 amp 120VAC motor gives 900W of power during continuous use. Ball and needle motor bearings give the saw a long lifespan. The saw fence gives a height adjustment anywhere from flush cutting to 1-1/16 inches above the guiding surface. A 6-3/16-inch carbide tipped blade comes with the saw and handles ordinary construction materials like plasterboard and wood trim. An adjustable depth guide stops the saw from cutting past trim boards if properly set, reducing the chances of kickback.

The jamb saw streamlines the process of renovating floors and replacing carpets, allowing installation of new flooring materials without re-setting wood trim or rebuilding doorways. The jamb saw trims an exact amount of waste from baseboards, door jambs, and other fixtures, so the new flooring slides neatly into place. The saw even trims cabinet toe-kicks to fit, and trims the bottoms of doors.

The saw comes with a carrying case, instruction booklet, and the essentials you'll need to begin work. If you need to trim something tougher like a fireplace hearth, you'll need a diamond blade.

If you'd like to step up to a more powerful saw with more features, try the Crain Carpet Saw.

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