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Undercut Saw Crain Carpet Power Tool

Portable Circular Masonry Blade 825

Posted by JT Hats

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Undercut Saw Crain Carpet Power Tool Built for the professional, the Crain Carpet Saw flush cuts to preset heights along wall trim boards, door jambs, and toe spaces. Anyone who remodels or lays carpet needs either this saw or lots of free time.

Although there are some specialty hand saws that do this tricky work, none match the speed and precision of the Crain Carpet Saw. Using the carbide blade, the Carpet Saw shears away wood and cuts through small nails for exact fitting of new flooring without disassembling the interior trim. Use the masonry blade for the same exacting work in brick, plaster, and tougher materials. Although a diamond blade doesn't come with the saw, one is available which cuts through tile and stone. If you get paid by the job, you'll appreciate the time saved and the extra profit.

The 8.15-amp motor operates at a lower rpm than most power tools to limit dust in the workplace and does attach to to a Shop-Vac dust collection system. Blades replace easily, and the adjustable fence of cast aluminum glides smoothly over guiding surfaces. Threaded rods allow precise adjustment of the fence height and then lock securely in place -- so the measurements you set stay set. For work in cramped areas without scraping your knuckles on the walls, use the racheting adjustment of the handle to change the grip angle and keep full control of the machine. The 6-1/2-inch diameter blade has enough reach to make full undercuts even in cramped corners. The Crain Carpet Saw comes with one woodcutting carbide blade and one masonry blade, plus an adjustment wrench and a sturdy carrying case.

For a portable undercutting saw and sander combo that either homeowners or contractors will find handy, see the Fein MultiMaster.

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