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Fein MultiMaster Tool Review FMM 250Q

Woodworking Reciprocating Power Tools Kit & Sanding Pads

Posted by JT Hats

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Jamb Saw MultiMaster Fein FMM 250Q The Fein FMM 250Q is one of the few power tools that actually does those critical awkward jobs you'd otherwise need hand tools to accomplish. With the Fein, you can avoid the other carpenter's solution of busting things out and starting over.

The Fein MultiMaster drives an assortment of useful blades with a high-speed oscillation that cuts, sands, rasps, and scrapes efficiently. This machine doesn't just do impossible cuts like trimming door frames flush with the floor while still in place -- with a different blade or just a different technique, the MultiMaster cuts mortises and crosscuts you'd otherwise need a circular saw, table saw, dado blade, or mallet and chisel for. Not only that, it does the job neatly and accurately so you don't skimp on quality. The usual restrictions apply, and you can't expect zero blade deflection in knotty pine, but the quirks are the ordinary problems you'd expect in any woodworking system. With the tri-corner sanding head and pre-cut sanding pads, you'll be able to access even tricky corners and grooves, the places you'd otherwise have to finish by hand.

Other blades convert the Fein 250Q MultiMaster for removing grout, chiseling old adhesive layers, and cutting carpet and composite flooring. The carbide blade even cuts some types of concrete. If you work on pipe or restore autos, the MultiMaster cuts tubing, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and up to 20 gauge sheet metal. Attachments switch out quickly with simple tools that come with the Fein MultiMaster Detail Sander Kit. Combine the MultiMaster with a Shop-Vac, and you'll be able to do all this in nearly dust-free conditions.

For another type of innovative reciprocating tool, see the Arbortech Power Chisel.

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