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Power Chisel by Arbortech

Wood Carving Tool Gouge Blade

Posted by Sharon

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Power Chisel by Arbortech, Cordless Arbortech's Power Chisel uses either a 20 mm flat chisel blade or a 20 mm No. 7 Sweep gouge blade to quickly shape sculptures, wooden carved signs and timber framing joints. Get the look of hand-chiseled techniques with the speed and power of a truly modern woodworking machine.

The Arbortech Power Chisel operates at 12,000 strokes per minute, using 700 Watts of power. Shock-absorbing engineering protects hands from vibration damage. You'll be able to use the Power Chisel in nearly any application where a normal paring chisel would be essential, without the fatigue and with less effort. Only a medium pressure is required to push the chisel through the work.

The Power Chisel works either with the flat of the blade against the work for accurate paring cuts such as in open mortises, or with the chisel bevel on the work piece for better freehand control on convex or flat surfaces. Levering with the blade or forcing the blade steeply into the work might damage the tool. Sharpen the cutting edge regularly to prevent burning the edge and tearing the work piece with dull blades. To use this tool correctly, you'll need many of the same techniques as with hand tools, including the same old sharpening system -- a good carver's slip and whetstone. Unless you can swing a mallet 12,000 times a minute, you can't keep up with this machine by using traditional tools. Moderate pressure removes stock quickly, and light pressure shaves surfaces with fine control.

For fast stock removal from concave surfaces, use the Arbortech Carving Kit, an attachment which converts an angle grinder into an accurate tool for controlled hollowing of even highly figured woods.

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