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Mini Circular Saw & Angle Grinder Kit

Arbortech Carver Chainsaw Gouge for Hitachi, Makita & Ryobi

Posted by JT Hats

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Mini Circular Saw Angle Grinder At last, real power tools for the woodcarver and sculptor. Arbortech's Mini Grinder Carving Kit converts most 4- or 4-1/2-inch angle grinders into the machine equivalent of a carving gouge.

Until now the only carving options other than hand tools were chainsaws and grinding machines, and even though it's amazing to see an artist work with either one, neither were engineered for the work of shaping wood freehand. The Arbortech Carving Kit uses either a steel or tungsten carbide cutting wheel to cut -- not abrade -- concave surfaces. Chip limiters built into the blades control the depth of cut and reduce the risk of kickback. The safety shield of the attachment allows a clear view of the work piece while protecting the operator from thrown chips. High speed means fast and efficient work, and the smaller cutting wheel diameter assures safe control. Use the Arbortech Carver to cut trenches, trim ends, and plane surfaces. A sharp carver blade even works smoothly in highly figured woods like burls. Maybe you have an odd burl or two laying around the shop but don't have the year it would take to shape it with ordinary tools -- find a way to hold it down securely and try out the Arbortech. You'll save many hours of labor and find new creative possibilities.

The Arbortech Mini Grinder Carving Kit fits Hitachi G12SA, Makita 9524NB, 9521NB, 9520NB, 9523NB and Ryobi SG100, Makita 9504B and 9526PB angle grinders. See the Arbortech Power Chisel for the perfect companion tool to the Arbortech Carver.

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