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Ceramic Utility Knife by Victorinox

New & Improved Kitchen Cutlery, 4 3/4 Inch Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Ceramic Utility Knife by Victorinox If you've not tried ceramic knives before, be careful when you work with this 4-3/4-inch Ceramic Utility Knife from Victorinox. The edge of the zirconium oxide blade is second only to diamond in hardness and so sharp you'll need some new knife skills.

Victorinox improved their current ceramic blade prep knives and this newer product line offers increased flexibility and much better edge retention. Resistance to side pressure has been an issue with ceramic blades, and the new Victorinox ceramics offer three times the strength of knives from competitors. That extra strength also backs up the edge, giving the knife a razor sharpness that lasts five times as long in tests conducted by an independent research lab.

Ceramic knives as yet are well-designed for slicing but not for rugged work like chopping or boning. The black Fibrox handle offers users a secure grip for peeling and trimming fruit and vegetables, but be careful which way the edge points. This isn't a knife edge you can safely press against your thumb, so be prepared to learn some new tricks. The knife should be used in straight cuts only if used on a cutting board. Choose wood or poly to prevent damage to the edge, but also use less pressure and don't pivot the edge against the cutting surface.

Properly handled, this zirconium oxide knife could last for years of daily use without resharpening and still be razor sharp. A ceramic edge degrades differently than a steel edge, becoming microscopically jagged instead of blunt. Even a worn ceramic edge is sharp. Worn knives can be resharpened, but you'll need a diamond stone to try it at home.

Handwash the knife with mild detergent -- the blade resists stains and won't rust. The ceramic surface has a natural, non-stick quality and won't impart unwanted flavors to food.

See the Victorinox Ceramic Santoku for a larger knife built with the same zirconium oxide ceramic.

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