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W.R. Case & Sons Trapper Pocketknife, Amber Bone 163

Jigged Zebu Handle w/ Double Slip Joint Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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W.R. Case & Sons Trapper Pocketknife,The Case Trapper is one of W.R. Case & Sons most popular knives, and the company makes many different versions. This Amber Bone Trapper's handle slabs look much like stag antler, but are actually cattle bone textured with a special jigging pattern.

Case goes far and wide to find the best handle stock for their pocketknives, and for the bone versions, Case chose one particular breed of cattle from Brazil to provide the raw materials. The shin bones of the Zebu breed makes the most dense and stable handle slabs, because in Brazil, the Zebu graze on open range much as Longhorns once did in Texas. All that exercise makes stronger bones.

Jigging patterns vary with the model of knife and help give Case pocketknives individuality. The changing patterns also contribute to the collectibility of Case knives. With names like Pine Bark and Heritage, jigging patterns even help identify older knives and separate the true antiques from the badly used.

This Case Trapper, 4-1/8 inches long when folded, holds two high carbon stainless steel blades. The slip joint blades open with thumb notches -- a two-handed operation -- and are held securely in both closed and open positions by steel spring bars in the back of the handle. Pressure on the back of the blades closes the knife, and the blades do not lock. The clip point blade works well for piercing and carving, while the spey blade is better designed for controlled slicing.

For a more pocket-sized knife from Case, try the Old Red Bone Baby Butterbean, a strong two-bladed knife in a compact style.

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