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Brom Eragon Sword Licensed Official Replica

Fantasy Display Longsword w/ Sheath & Plaque

Posted by JT Hats

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Brom Eragon Sword Licensed OfficialIf you're looking for the true Sword of Brom, the quest becomes complicated. Brom, the mysterious old storyteller who befriended the young Dragon Rider Eragon in that epic story, actually carried two.

This sword that might be considered Brom's everyday personal weapon isn't flashy -- the 41-1/2-inch longsword has the subdued look of a weapon that's all business. The double-edged blade isn't sharpened, and this licensed replica of the sword shown in the movie Eragon isn't intended for striking targets or swordplay. Built for display only, the high carbon stainless steel blade with tan-wrapped grip and cast metal cross-guard and pommel hangs proudly on the hardwood display plaque provided with the set. If you choose to carry the sword, a leather-bound hardwood sheath is also provided. The sword set also includes a certificate of authenticity.

Brom became the magical teacher of Eragon in a story some critics accused of borrowing heavily from the theme of Star Wars. In fact, later in the epic Brom even revealed himself to be Eragon's father -- another familiar plot. During their last battle together, Brom handed this sword to Eragon and unleashed a second, more magical red blade. When mortally wounded in that fight, Brom gave Eragon his mystical weapon, the sword Zar'roc. Zar'roc's red blade undoubtedly would have caused a stir anywhere the old man went. The old Dragon Rider Brom knew better than to ask for trouble -- this other nondescript sword was the weapon he favored in public.

For a sword from the evil side of the Eragon epic, see the Sword of Durza.

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