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Tachi Gunto Sword w/ Scabbard, Handmade Gold

Battle Ready Japanese Military Replica 504

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Tachi Gunto Sword w/ Scabbard, Handmade Handmade Sword's Tachi Gunto #504 follows the artistic styling adopted by the Japanese military in 1934, but adds unique artwork and detail to these modern military dress patterns. Built for the collector of fine swords, the Tachi Gunto uses the best of the company's steel as well. Use this fine sword for tameshigiri practice as well as display.

Tachi swords were an early style of weapon with a blade more curved than the katana, and used for fighting from horseback. Hung from a belt or sash, the tachi rode with edge down, while the straighter katana used for ground fighting was worn edge up. Gunto swords became dress issue for the Japanese military -- at first built to resemble western weapons but shifting towards more traditional designs before WWII. The most obvious difference between the gunto and the traditional Japanese sword would be the metal-plated scabbard with wooden lining.

Handmade's Tachi Gunto #504 incorporates detailed scenes of samurai life and training in the decorations which cover the brass fittings on this sword's handle and scabbard. The brass housing of the wooden scabbard shines with genuine gold plating. The absence of gold plate on the grip makes the more functional part of the sword less vulnerable to wear and tear. All other fittings including the tsuba are solid cast brass with decorative engravings. Straps and other accessories are cowhide.

The 44-inch-long, 3-1/2-pound tachi sword features Handmade's 1095 clay-tempered high carbon steel with fullered hi on both sides of the 30-inch blade. Edge hardness measures HCR60, while the temper of the tough steel spine rates HCR40. With the scabbard, the tachi gunto weighs just over 6 pounds. Signed by the master smith who forged it in China, the tachi gunto includes a sandalwood presentation case.

See the Handmade #505 Sword for another example of the company's best Tachi Guntos.

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