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Concord Master Chef Knife Roll Set w/ Sharpening Steel

High Carbon Stainless Kitchen Cutlery 9 Piece, Global Yoshikin Budget

Posted by JT Hats

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Concord Master Chef Knife Roll Set w/The Concord 9-Piece Knife set may seem like an impossibly good deal -- with eight all-stainless steel knives, a knife hone, and a knife roll, it's hard to beat. Don't tell your competition it isn't Global Yoshikin.

If you're familiar with Global Yoshikin and their trademark dimpled stainless steel handles, you'll recognize the pattern used in this nine-piece set. Obviously, the Global pattern of all-stainless steel construction inspired this low-cost version. Actually, it's hard to go wrong with this idea even if you build it to less expensive standards. With seamless stainless steel handles and high carbon stainless steel blades, the Concord Master Chef knife set does perform well. Side-by-side with Global, you'll certainly spot the differences, but Concord's approach does combine some of Global's most sensible features with an inexpensive but still very serviceable blade. Use the honing steel when needed, and your wealthy culinary combatants may regret spending so much on Global knives.

Included in the set are an 11-inch chef's knife, 8-inch carving and bread knives, 7-inch chopping and boning knives, plus a utility knife, paring knife, and meat fork. The knife roll itself is a little too lightweight -- buy a better case if you expect to hit the road with this collection.

Like most other stainless steel knife sets manufactured today, the Concord Master Chef set should be hand washed. Machine washing will degrade the edge and the polish. For anyone with good sharpening skills, the set's still a bargain.

For the high-end version of this style of knife, see the Global Yoshikin 5 Piece Set with Storage Tray.

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