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Global Yoshikin 5 Piece Set w/ Knife Storage Tray

High Carbon Stainless Steel Cutlery

Posted by JT Hats

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Global Yoshikin 5 Piece Set w/ KnifeLighter and harder than European forged steel knives, Yoshikin Global cutlery outperforms heavyweight German patterns in many ways. Using these fine blades does require some adjustment in technique, but most chefs will find it worth the trouble. Older knives won't be obsolete in your kitchen, but you'll love these for the fine work.

My first encounter with Japanese blades was in woodworking, when I compared European chisels and saws to tools of Japanese make and wound up with full sets of both that I like for entirely different reasons. I'm impressed in the same way by Global knives for the kitchen -- they add precision and efficiency you may never have had before.

The harder steel in the Global 5-Piece Knife Set rarely needs sharpening if you don't abuse the blades. The acute tapered bevel could chip on a glass cutting board, or if stroked too hard on a honing steel. The temper that keeps this edge sharp also makes the blades more fragile -- drop one on a hard floor and you might chip the edge or break the blade. Side pressure is a bad thing for Global knives, so crush garlic cloves with something else.

The up side is the cutting. Global knives slice meats and vegetables paper thin, so sharp that the blades shear without compressing food structure. Careful balancing with hollow steel handles counterweighted by precise amounts of sand also contributes to the ease of use, although I'm not sure I'm so advanced that I notice that much. The effect of the edge is much more obvious.

These five knives cover anything from paring to slicing, carving, and cutting pastry. The eight-inch chef's knife is the most versatile, but these knives are so good you'll find reason to use them all. Keep some good European knives around for the heavy chopping, slicing through bones, and other tough jobs. The stainless steel storage tray fits in a drawer, but doesn't match a storage block's convenience.

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