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Buck 103 Skinner Fixed Blade Hollow Ground Knife

Comes with Black Leather Sheath

Posted by JT Hats

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Buck 103 Skinner Fixed Blade HollowThe Buck 103 Skinner's "turned-down" point blade resembles several famous Puma styles of hunting knives. With a forward-weighted blade that puts more cutting edge up front and more steel behind the point, it's a sensible design but very different from American bowie patterns. For more efficient piercing, you may want to sharpen the short false edge at the blade tip.

Polished aluminum bolsters enclose a phenolic resin handle injection-molded around the knife's rat tail tang. That choice of modern materials saves weight, cutting this knife down to a very light 4.3 ounces. The fixed blade and sheath design gives hunters, fishermen, and hikers the convenience of a full-sized grip and a four-inch high carbon stainless steel blade, without the weight of a heavy hunter/skinner. Buck's black leather sheath includes a snap closure to lock the knife securely while on the belt. Worn on the right hip, even crawling through heavy brush won't knock it loose.

The deep hollow grind makes the edge easy to hone to razor sharpness, but also leaves the knife a little vulnerable to heavy work. For big game where cutting through bone might be a frequent chore, you'll need something with more steel behind the edge -- but for skinning and butchering meat, the Buck 103 is well designed. Surprising strong for a knife of this size and weight, the Buck 103 is a good size for light camp chores, too. Be careful not to abuse the aluminum fittings.

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