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Buck 112 Ranger Lockback Folding Knife

Stainless Steel Hunting Blade w/ Sheath

Posted by Ken

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Buck 112 Ranger Lockback Folding KnifeIt's pretty easy for me to talk about the Buck 112 Ranger, because it's just like the big brother version (the Buck 110) that I have about three inches away from my hand right now. The only difference between the two is size, and the only complaint I've ever had about the 110 is that it's a little too big for civilized purposes. The Buck 112, with a folded length of 4 1/4", and a three inch clip point blade of 420HC stainless steel, won't raise too many eyebrows if you take it out in public.

Buck knives often have a classic look, and the 112 Ranger lockback is no exception. The wood grain handle slabs, not identified in the Buck catalog, have the look of Brazilian rosewood, one of the most durable. Just a minute--yep, if it's not rosewood it's good enough to fool me.

Polished brass bolsters add to the look, and although I'd not drive a nail with them, I have pounded on a few things with them from time to time, without doing any damage beyond a scratch or two. My Buck gets a variety of use, for everything from poking slots in the door frame for the screws of a chin-up bar bracket, to my everyday work chores on a maintenance crew, and all around survival knife duties when I'm out in the mountains. I'd expect the same durability and performance from the 112 Ranger.

The only thing I've worn out is the leather belt sheath, also standard equipment with the 112. I used it until the flap cracked through and the belt loop broke. Probably shows what I think of my Buck that I reached for it just before it fell away.

Reminds me, I'd better buy another sheath.

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