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Laguiole Stainless Steel Steak Knife Kitchen Cutlery Set

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Laguiole Stainless Steel Steak KnifeThe six unique steak knives in this boxed set from Laguiole Knives of Laguiole, France, share an origin that dates back to the Navaja, a knife carried by workmen migrating from Spain to France and back in older times. Originally a pocket folder, the knife developed new attributes in response to local demand--an awl for the sheepherders and even a corkscrew for waiters who found the knife a useful appliance. In the peasant country these knives were often used at the table and several traditions grew up around them. At supper, for example, no one would leave the table until the head of the household snapped his Laguiole shut.

These modern steak knives have the appearance of that old blade but are fixed blade knives (no polite folding possible, sorry). The stainless steel knives have the same full bellied blade as the old peasant's version, but the polished bolsters and handle slabs of exotic woods like Brazilian rosewood (rare, beautiful and durable) are fitted well enough to serve as fine cutlery. Laguiole offers knife sets with handles of olivewood, horn, and an assortment of other fine natural materials--Brazilian rosewood is one of the best.

Genuine Laguiole knives will have the company's mark, a stylized metal bee, mounted in plain sight at the base of the blade. It's been the mark of quality since 1829.

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