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Buck Woodsman Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Camping, Skinning Blade with Sheath

Posted by Ken

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Buck Woodsman Fixed Blade Hunting KnifeThe Buck Woodsman is a traditional hunting knife with the advantages of modern craftsmanship. A high carbon stainless blade eliminates the possibility of corrosion, and the tight construction of the phenolic handle reduces the chances of cross contamination of food. Hunting knives may double as utility tools but their primary use is dressing game and cutting meat; sanitation is always an issue to consider.

In that respect, simplicity is the best approach. Stick the Woodsman in a snowbank, rinse it in a stream, or rub it down with moss and you've done the best cleaning job you can do in wilderness conditions. This knife doesn't have many places where filth can accumulate. Folding hunting knives may seem like an improvement, but if you've tried to clean one you'll wonder about that.

The four-inch blade is sized for use on fish and small game, but dressing a deer isn't beyond its reach. The hollow ground blade makes sharpening a breeze with an Arkansas stone. A classy leather sheath with a locking handle strap compliments the blade perfectly.

As old and as simple as this style of knife is, it works so well that it makes you wonder why anyone ever tried to do things any differently. Buck does the right thing, backing up every knife they make with a lifetime warranty.

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