Medieval Godfred Viking Replica Sword | Battle Sharp Celtic Weapon Review

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Medieval Godfred Viking Replica Sword This Godfred Viking sword is another fairly accurate historical replica from Nordic times. The way that this sword is fashioned dates it back to the 9th century, during the early Middle Ages when swords were meant for battle and not for decoration.

The blade is double-edged with a small taper running from the guard to the tip of the blade in Viking tradition. It’s made from quality 440 stainless steel, and is factory sharpened. A lengthy and wide blood groove runs down the middle of the blade, and it covers quite a lengthy portion of the sword.

The sword’s blade alone measures 28.5 inches, and together with the handle, the sword measures 37 inches in overall length.

The handle is wrapped with brown imitation leather for a secure grip. It also features a brass-colored steel guard and weighted pommel in the shape of a traditional three-lobed Viking pattern.

You’ll find the same brass-colored steel on the fittings, cap, and carrying rings. The scabbard is wooden and covered in tan cloth. A unique carrying strap comes with it, too, allowing the sword to be worn over the shoulder, on the belt, or attached to another set of rings.

Also, this version of the Godfred Viking sword is nearly identical in appearance to Hanwei’s model made from Damascus Steel, and it’s a lot less expensive. So if you’re looking for a less-elite bargain, this is the way to go.

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