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Bud K Celtic Spear w/ Clyde Caldwell Art Print

Fantasy Savage Pole Weapon Collectible

Posted by JT Hats

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Bud K Celtic Spear w/ Clyde CaldwellDefinitely a nice display piece for those interested in fantasy weaponry, the Savage Celtic Spear from Bud K. appears too advanced to be truly savage. The worksmanship is artistic, not crude nor functional.

Pole arms must be one of the most difficult of the old weapons to duplicate well today -- or at least to ship economically. A single shaft of straight-grained hardwood still ranks as the best handle material for quality long arms. This replica with black aluminum shaft and decorative Celtic cross-shaped spearhead must disassemble for shipping. That's the primary weak point -- any other weak points pale compared to it.

Re-assembled with a cast metal spacer threaded in the joint, the shaft of this six-foot spear is sturdy if you can resist testing it much. For display or for more ceremonial uses, the spear is well made and has an authentic look -- at least in New Age Celtic terms. The spearhead resembles Celtic weapons from gaming history more than any counterpart from old Europe. No one skimped on steel in this spearhead of 440 stainless steel. Cut from one plate of high carbon alloy, the blade reaches 15 inches in length with a strong tang reinforced by cast metal ornamental fittings. Central to the design is the Celtic cross medallion fastened to the hub of the main blade and two smaller axe-blade wings. The lower end of the spear's shaft holds a cast metal spiked pommel.

An 18-inch by 24-inch collectible art print by fantasy artist Clyde Caldwell is included with the Savage Celtic Spear and shows the weapon in the hand of a savage warrior princess.

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