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Case Old Red Bone Pocket Knife, Texas Toothpick

Antique Finish Chromium Steel 00792

Posted by JT Hats

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Case Old Red Bone Pocket Knife, TexasGood knives are one of those personal possessions which just increase in importance the more used they get. Pull a good pocket knife out to cut an apple or whittle a tent stake, and you can look back to every day that put every scratch and dent and stain upon it. To some of us, it works better than a photo album. Then you lose that knife, and it's hard to catch up again.

Though it won't have the same load of memories, the Case Old Bone series does have the beginning of "the look," with handle slabs harvested from the shin bones of Brazilian Zebu cattle and antiqued to give the knife the pocket-worn look the years naturally install. The 2-3/4-inch-long blade of this 3-inch folded length pocket knife has the slim look of a knife that's been sharpened whenever you had a moment to spare and needed something quiet to do.

Of course, it's still a brand new knife with a blade of high quality chromium steel that's shiny and stainless and not quite the same as the one you bought thirty years ago. The fittings don't have scratches and will probably hold up to use better than the one you lost, so there's lots of room for new memory notches to form. It's an old style, with no frills and no locking liner and no pocket clip -- just an elegant build that's big enough to handle the little jobs you come across daily.

You'll probably like the Old Red Bone Texas Toothpick from W.R. Case & Sons a lot, given time.

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