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Deni Kitchen Electric Food Slicer

Stainless Steel Blade Pro II 14150

Posted by JT Hats

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Deni Kitchen Electric Food Slicer The Deni Electric Food Slicer Pro II quickly slices vegetables, fruits, and meats for sandwiches and salads and can be a great labor-saver in the kitchen, as well as a way to trim pounds and dollars by measuring accurate food portions. At the lower end of the slicer range in terms of power and design, the Deni might not meet everyone's expectations.

The machine's 7-1/2 inch diameter stainless steel blade handles the lighter jobs well. Easily sliced foods like apples, lettuce, and other cooperative items are well within its range. Meat slicing also should be an appropriate task for the Deni -- raw meat works better if partly frozen so it cuts easily without deforming. Cutting slices of raw beef could be a different story if the roast is thawed and sags under the blade.

Hard deli sausages like pepperoni and salami usually work up well even on lightly powered slicers. These foods hold their shape and contain natural grease that lubes the cutting blade. The nemesis of a machine like the Deni Pro II is cheese. Cheese smears onto the blade and increases the friction. Pressing the feed tray forward harder exaggerates the problem, so work within the limits of the Pro II if you expect good results.

Cleaning the Pro II should be simple enough, but read and understand the manual and be very careful when removing the blade. Many removable parts could be washed in the dishwashing machine, but the body of the Deni Pro II must be cleaned thoroughly by hand.

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