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Celtic Display Fantasy Sword w/ Leather Sheath

Stainless Steel, Hardwood Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Celtic Display Fantasy Sword w/ LeatherThough it's certainly not an authentic design, this 30-1/4 inch Celtic Sword is solidly built and has enough artistic quality to find a place on the collector's wall. The stainless steel blade shows a central blood groove and flared spear point more typical of video game swords than real blades, but the overall look and feel has some authenticity.

If you do look for odd details, the excessively riveted construction will catch your eye since some of the sword's components are riveted in place rather than forged. Handguard and spacer are cast brass with a rather lightweight brass pommel pinned to the turned wooden handle. The rat tail tang construction is good enough for ceremony but not for hitting targets.

The Celtic Sword's 18-7/8-inch blade is heavy even with the concave shaping and the central groove. You'll be tempted to give it a few practice swings even though it was designed for hanging, not swinging.

The Celtic Sword's black leather sheath is nothing special, and the blade will look much better outside of the simple stitched scabbard. Think of the sheath as a carrying case and tuck it away somewhere out of sight when your Celtic Sword is on display.

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