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Shark Woodworking Hand Saw Ryoba

Fine Pull Cut & Rip 10-2440

Posted by JT Hats

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Shark Woodworking Hand Saw Ryoba Shark's flexible Fine Cut Saw gives us the traditional Ryoba joiner's saw with a modern improvement -- push-button blade replacement. This double-edged saw style has been standard in Japan for centuries but is relatively new to Western woodworkers. One side bears shark-tooth shaped teeth for crosscutting and the opposite edge rips with the grain.

As with all Japanese handsaws, the Fine Cut Ryoba from Shark cuts on the pull stroke. The blade is so thin that it cuts a kerf less than half the size of a European carpenter's saw, but since all the force of the cut keeps the blade straight, there's no binding or bending. Cutting teeth are designed more efficiently -- combine better cutting and a thinner kerf, and the result is accurate and easy work by hand.

The Fine Cut Saw makes precise cuts in all types of hard and soft wood as well as plywood. Synthetic materials bonded with glue dull the teeth faster than natural lumber, but the blade of this saw switches out easily -- snap a new blade in place and keep working. These are not throw-away blades that wear out quickly. The traditional versions use steel of a similar quality but permanently mounted in wooden handles -- sharpening requires special tools. Replaceable blades mean woodworkers always have the best quality edge without the hassle of sharpening old teeth.

Use the Shark Fine Cut Saw for all kinds of tricky work, not just at the woodworking bench. The blade slips into impossible places, and the pull cut works where other saws can't.

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