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Chinese Yoroidoshi Tanto Dagger, Handmade

Ryumon Functional Sword, Forged Damascus Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Chinese Yoroidoshi Tanto Dagger,With quality similar to that of the designer's custom blades, this double-edged Tanto Yoroidoshi Dagger is actually a production version based on the work of Wally Hayes, a sword smith from Ontario, Canada.

Manufactured for Ryumon Swords at the famous Longquan Village in mainland China, the Hayes Yoroidoshi Dagger was hand-forged by a master craftsman at one of China's most respected foundries. The swordsmith families of Longquan Village have made swords for the Chinese military and martial arts masters for hundreds of years, winning awards for their highest quality blades in both modern and ancient times.

This beautiful double-edged dagger shows finer workmanship and better materials than most knives in this price range. From the Damascus steel blade to the water buffalo horn butt-cap, everything is top-notch. Even the grip is a step above the usual cotton tsuko. The handle of this tanto is wrapped with silk cord over genuine rayskin.

The tanto's high carbon 1065 steel will need traditional care, since this isn't the usual stainless steel blade. Forged with a strong diamond cross-section and without the blood grooves of many fancier blades, this knife shows the strength of a genuine armor-piercing weapon. Built with close tolerances that do hold up to both close inspection and heavy work, the Yoroidoshi is not designed for hunting, fishing, or woodcrafts. Traditionally, this type of tanto was only used for combat and is now produced for "protection purposes only."

Other uses would include collection and display, in or out of the tanto's black lacquered wooden scabbard.

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