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Wusthof Classic Starter Prep Knife Set, 3 Piece

Includes Chef’s, Carving & Paring Knife

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Classic Starter Prep Knife Set,The Wusthof Classic 3 Piece Starter Cutlery Set equips the beginning chef with three essential prep knives which will literally last a lifetime. This selection also makes a great upgrade for those who started out with less.

All three knives from Wusthof's Classic series feature forged solid steel bolsters and full length tangs. The high carbon stainless steel blades are taper ground for an efficient slicing cut, and the handles are the familiar ergonomic grips the company has produced for decades. Durable composite handle slabs fixed in place with stainless steel rivets hold no surprises. Edge maintenance is designed to be simple -- the temper allows quick resetting of edges with a simple honing steel, and ordinary whetstones handle any major refurbishing.

If these are your first good knives, expect to add to the set but never to place these three aside unused. Sized to be useful and practical, the set will always come in handy. Full-sized versions of the carving and chef's knives would be a logical next step, since the short blade length is the set's real limitation. If you're looking for a fundamental assortment that's built to last, Wusthof's Classic Starter set will do many decades worth of paring and trimming of produce, boning and slicing of cooked meat, and chopping and slicing of most fruits and vegetables. There's a way to do nearly every type of work with these three blades.

With so many types of good cutlery available today, it still makes sense to start small with a set you know you'll need and use. The Wusthof Classic brand isn't flashy -- this is a common sense set that's been well tested. Wusthof also offers the same knives in a href="">four-piece set with a sharpening steel.

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