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Cold Steel Gim Sword, Forged Flex Steel

Chinese Martial Arts Wushu Replica Wu Jian

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Cold Steel Gim Sword, Forged SharpenedSwing Cold Steel's Gim Sword with confidence. Patterned after a popular style of martial sword from China, the Gim Sword uses high quality materials and solid construction techniques. Cold Steel's testing methods prove it holds up in rough use.

The 30-inch blade of the 37-1/4-inch long single-handed sword is forged from 1055 high carbon steel and tempered to flex on impact. The blade bends to 45 degrees without damage, making the Gim Sword wushu quality rather than a true combat weapon. In spite of that, the Cold Steel Gim is built for serious work and slices neatly through a variety of targets. The sword arrives ready for use, but keeping the edge razor sharp is critical if you intend to do any actual cutting. The 1055 blade will need regular maintenance and is not stainless.

The Cold Steel Gim Sword follows the design of older Chinese martial swords or Wu Jian, not the lighter scholar's swords or Wen Jian. The craftsmanship is beautiful with a rosewood handle and cast brass blade guard and pommel. Fittings are heavy enough to take punishment and deal out damage. Since the brasswork is covered with intricate designs, you'll probably not want to bang it up.

The Gim's polished hardwood scabbard includes brass throat and chape and can be worn at the belt or over the shoulder. Cold Steel's Gim Sword rivals the strength of a true combat sword, strong enough for martial practice and self defense. Collectors will be happy to display this beautiful weapon on the wall. This one you can hang where people get up close. Details won't disappoint.

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