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Japanese Katana Sword, High Carbon Stainless Steel

Dragon Black Hardwood Sheath

Posted by JT Hats

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Japanese Katana Sword, High CarbonOne of the best things I can say about this Dragon Katana is that a katana never look bad. A reproduction of a European battle sword in this same price range might be laughable, but the katana is so simple and efficient that even in its most basic form it has considerable class.

The Dragon Katana is souvenir quality, suitable for display on desk or wall, with a nicely lacquered hardwood sheath decorated with a dragon motif. Thirty-nine inches overall, this katana's high carbon stainless steel blade is 27 inches long and polished to a satin gloss. Tsuba and hand grip are unremarkable but do conform to the traditional pattern with cord wrapping over a covered wooden handle.

The subtle qualities that mark a fine katana are definitely not here, since the hamon (the wavy mark that shows edge tempering) is only etched and the blade itself is a plain length of beveled but unsharpened steel. To get laminated or Damascus blades, you obviously need to step it up a few notches. At this price level, you're working with concepts and symbols, not functional blades. If you are interested in a sword for display rather than use, the Dragon Katana is a typical choice among decorative blades.

In practical terms, this sword wouldn't do well in cutting practice since the temper is doubtful, and the construction isn't meant to take serious impact. On the other hand, a true ninja could pick up this humble but pretty blade and make it work. Katana always deserve respect.

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