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Paul Chen Hanwei Jian Sword

Adam Hsu Tai Chi, Forged Spring Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Paul Chen Hanwei Jian Sword w/ Scabbard Designed by Tai Chi Sword master Adam Hsu and manufactured by Hanwei Forge's master weaponsmith Paul Chen, the Hsu Jian Sword could be the last Tai Chi sword you'll ever buy.

Forged from high carbon spring steel, this double-edged practice sword rivals the quality of combat weapons but in a build that's light enough for the slow practice movements and quick strikes of Tai Chi. Students of this old art usually begin with wooden swords and become drawn into a long succession of better and more realistic weapons. That uphill climb could end with the Hsu Sword, built for a real weapon's feel and durable enough to weather the years.

This one-handed Tai Sword is made from practical materials, some of which are not traditional. If you're looking for the best sword at the best price, that's a good sign, since many of the traditional materials are outclassed by less familiar modern synthetics. Paul Chen's design comes in several different patterns, using exotic hardwood grips or longer lasting molded fiberglass. Be sure to ask your dealer what's available if ordering sight-unseen.

Overall length of this fully tempered high carbon steel sword is 34-1/2 inches, including a 6 -1/2-inch handle with steel handguard and steel pommel. While the sword is rugged, it isn't built for the heaviest action. Many masters of this skill preferred lighter, more flexible weapons and technique over force. The Hsu Tai Chi Sword follows a similar pattern, less than two pounds in weight with an open pommel designed to carry a tassel rather than for smashing in helmets.

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