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Columbia Operator Tactical Knife by Jim Hammond

Double Edged Tanto CRKT ABC 2605

Posted by JT Hats

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Columbia Operator Tactical Knife by JimDesigned by Jim Hammond, the Operator's Model A.B.C. (All Bases Covered) knife adapts Hammond's popular fixed blade diver's knife design to land use. With full-length cutting edges both plain and serrated, this rugged outdoorsman's knife covers every situation.

The four-ounce knife of AUS8 high carbon stainless steel incorporates a modified tanto point for efficient penetration. Construction is extremely simple, with easily gripped Kytel handle slabs that provide nonslip traction in all weather conditions. Hardened to HRC 56 to 58, the 8-1/4-inch knife takes a razor edge and holds up to heavy cutting. To increase corrosion resistance, the steel is first polished to a mirror finish, sealing the pores of the metal, and then coated with dark titanium nitrate for a long lasting barrier against chemicals and saltwater.

The Operator's Model A.B.C. offers full sized capability in a small package suitable for hikers, backpackers and fishermen as well as emergency rescue and tactical users. The thin handle's deep finger choils compensate well for the lack of bulk in the grip, with deep traction grooves to add even more slip-free friction. The Operator's 3-3/4-inch dagger blade fits snugly into a versatile multi-position Zytel sheath. The sheath adjusts to eight different positions and attaches to harness webbing, pack straps, Personal Flotation Devices, belts, and nearly anywhere else a user might consider it handy. Brass tension screws on the scabbard adjust the fit of the blade so it can even be carried inverted -- strapped to the leg or hung from a neck cord.

Do-everything knives usually do nothing very well, but Hammond's tactical design experience closed that gap. The Operator's Model A.B.C. actually works.

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