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Death Fang Dark Ninja Katana, Black

Handmade Full Tang Sword w/ Back Strap Harness & Scabbard

Posted by JT Hats

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Death Fang Dark Ninja Katana, Black I'm never totally against buying a good blade, even if everything else about the sword disappoints. A good craftsman can always refine things if the basics are sound, and that's how I feel about the Death Fang Dark Ninja Katana. I do have some doubts that it was handmade, but it's a bottom-line sword of 1060 high carbon steel, not stainless steel. That counts for something.

Here and there throughout this kit -- which includes sword, scabbard, and back harness -- I find flaws which need to be fixed if the sword's ever to be used. Any sword that claims to be 1060 high carbon steel will eventually be tested, because it's supposed to be more than just decorative. After a few good hits, the weak points will be obvious -- but at first, you'll just have to guess. The wrapped nylon cord grip will probably loosen early on. This isn't the traditional ito weave, and the ito pattern was developed for a good reason.

Construction details of the scabbard harness also raise doubts. The accessories generally do not live up to the quality of the blade. As a display piece, the Death Fang Dark Ninja sword does have immediate appeal because of the sabre-like point, the distinctive grip and decorations, and the claw-shaped tsuba. This 41-inch sword with 28-inch sharpened blade and full length hi (or blood groove) seems to be on the fringe of real cutting ability. If you're not willing to fix things, keep it on display and don't test its limits.

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