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DiveMaster Dive Knife

Stainless Steel Blade, Black Handle

Posted by Ken

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DiveMaster Dive Knife I like the way this dive knife looks. It's important to have reliable gear, but let's face it, scuba diving is a lot about style -- especially for the casual scuba enthusiast. Why else would there be a selection of snorkel and mask colors, or different styles of fin? For any knife, but especially dive knives, the aesthetic is an important factor. This knife, with a polished stainless steel blade, a sleek black handle, and matching leg sheath, will certainly look good with any color combination of gear.

The specs aren't bad either. This is a 4.25-inch straight edge blade, with clip point, serrated spine, and line cutter. Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel, it will be able to withstand the exposure over a few years of diving. Not as resistant as a titanium blade, mind you, but with stainless steel you can achieve a sharper edge with more retention.

The handle is nylon, offers a good grip, and comes with a tank signal built off the butt for submerged communication with your dive partner. Overall, this is a good dive knife at a good price. A diver could be satisfied in all respects by purchasing this DiveMaster knife.

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