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Paul Chen Hanwei Naginata Battle Axe

Medieval Japanese Sword

Posted by Ken

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Naginata Japanese Battle Axe by PaulThe naginata is quite an important weapon in the field of martial arts. It's identified by a curved blade, a long wooden shaft, and a traditional tsuba similar to the ones you'd find on an ancient Japanese sword.

Hanwei's version of a Japanese naginata is of course designed by none other than Paul Chen, a specialist in Edo-period Japanese weaponry. He's known for practicing traditional sword smith techniques and blending them harmoniously with modern materials and design. This naginata is no exception.

The blade alone measures 20.25 inches and features a strong distal taper for improved balance and quickness as well as a teardrop cross-section for correct blade orientation. It's forged from quality high-carbon steel, and is very sharp.

The blade also extends a longer tang into the handle than some traditional naginata weapons. This allows for much better shock absorption during a match, and should give you a more solid feel to the weapon overall.

A traditional naginata measured between five and seven feet in overall length. Paul Chen's pole weapon measures six and a half feet, so if you're looking for long naginata, this is a quality choice. It also comes with a wooden saya, a cloth bag for protection and transportation, and a traditional boxed maintenance kit.

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