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Paul Chen Hanwei Yari Samurai Spear

Weapon Review

Posted by Ken

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Paul Chen Hanwei Yari Samurai Spear Once again Paul Chen of Hanwei fame has designed yet another timeless piece of medieval weaponry. This yari, or Japanese spear, has been forged in ancient Japanese tradition while keeping up with a few modern conveniences at the same time.

The Hanwei yari measures an impressive 79 inches long. Its spear blade measures 16.75 inches, and has been double-forged with a straight triangulated edge as well as a deep fuller on the flat side of the blade. And while traditionally forged, this blade is made out of resilient T10 high carbon steel.

A lengthy tang on the spear blade extends into the yari's handle, increasing its durability and shock absorbency. This handle is lacquered in a deep black coating, and is made from one solid piece of material. You'll also find a flattened side near the bottom to serve as a guide for correct blade orientation.

When you're not wielding it in practice or in your next tournament match, you can keep this yari protected with the included wooden sheath.

As far as pricing goes, if you're in the market for a new pole weapon, you'll save some cash choosing to go with a standard spear vs. Hanwei's curved naginata. But that all depends on your martial arts preference and style. Choose what's best for you.

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