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DOVO Barbers Shears

Hairdressing Scissors Razor Cut for Professional Stylists, Black Beauty 5 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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DOVO Barbers Shears The professional DOVO 5-inch Black Beauty Hairdressing Shear gives stylists perfect control over a long-lasting precise cutting action. Customize the cutting pressure and the grip for either European or Asian preferences.

Made for a clean razor cut, the shears cut with edges set at no more than 40 degrees, and both are ground and polished by hand. The precision sharpening ensures that the shears grip and cut hair cleanly without pushing the hair forward along the edge. Expect to cut exactly what and where you want, the first time. Hollow ground blades slip against each other with minimum friction, and the cutting pressure can be exactly set to suit an individual stylist's tastes. Teflon coatings protect the steel and contribute to the smoothness of the cut. DOVO provides a polished metal finger rest screwed into one of the grip rings, but owners who prefer a simpler grip style can easily remove the slender stud.

In business for over a hundred years, DOVO specializes in personal care products including straight razors, scissors, and manicurist's tools. Many highly skilled manual procedures go into the creation of DOVO scissors and other cutting tools. Standards remain high at DOVO, where most products are still hot drop forged. Daily production of scissors, DOVO's highest volume product, averages about 1500 pieces. Seventy-five percent of the DOVO scissors forged in Solingen, Germany ship overseas to professional buyers worldwide. Each DOVO hairdressing shear comes with a lifetime warranty.

DOVO also makes some of the world's best shaving equipment in the traditional style that professionals and perfectionists prefer. See the DOVO Straight Razor for an example.

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