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DOVO Dovolanza Nail Scissors Curved

Professional Manicure & Pedicure Shears, Solingen Stainless Steel

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DOVO Dovolanza Nail Scissors Curved The strong jaws of the Dovolanza Curved Nail Scissors accurately trim either fingernails or toenails and include many construction features designed specifically for the manicurist or pedicurist.

Consider the Dovolanza Curved Nail Scissors to be of the same general quality as good surgical tools, built to cut cleanly without painful mishaps. Craftsmen at DOVO of Solingen, Germany put these scissors through as many as 120 individual hand processes to guarantee the best quality and functionality. The wide steel jaws of this pair cut without danger of flexing or twisting, eliminating any chance of a ragged cut because of mismatched edges. The curved blades naturally follow the correct shape of the nail.

To meet DOVO's standards, the edges of both jaws must meet exactly for the full length of the scissor action with no gap large enough to pass light between the blades. Correctly polished, the finished jaws do not adhere to nail debris. Clean-cut pieces of nail simply fall away, leaving the scissors ready for the next exacting cut. DOVO backs up the scissors with a lifetime warranty. Use them only for the purpose intended in order to keep the scissors in perfect condition.

DOVO began producing straight razors and other personal grooming tools more than a hundred years ago and still hot-forges most of the company's products. Less than a hundred employees work at the Solingen factory and produce only about 1,500 scissors and shears daily, along with an even smaller volume of razors, nippers, and other specialty tools.

See the Black Beauty Hairdressing Shear for a professional quality hair care shear from DOVO.

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